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About Elvis ATL

About Public Adjuster Elvis

Hire the most experienced and professional Public Insurance Adjusters in the State of Georgia. We represent you - Not the insurance company.

Why Use A Public Adjuster?

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Claim Settlement

Residential and commercial owners are usually unaware that insurance doesn’t automatically pay your insurance claim. To add to the disadvantage, their policy requires you to prove your claim before they have any responsibility of compensating your loss.Besides being in no rush to compensate your loss, the insurance company is selfishly motivated to pay the least amount for your damages. So in the event following a loss, the insurance company positions their building engineers, company adjusters, claims managers and other experts to represent their interest.Without an advocate or insurance policy expert representing you, it’s likely they will prove your losses are much less than what you may hope or need to rebuild your life.

Who's Public Adjuster Elvis?

It pays to hire the best Georgia Public Adjuster. As a Public Adjuster and expert of insurance claims in Georgia, my purpose is to maximize and expedite your financial recovery from losses and property damage claims. In short, a public adjuster is an insurance professional that represents you, the policyholder, in settling your property insurance claim.Public Adjuster Elvis grew via referrals and customer’s confidence in my extensive claims knowledge and settlement results. This reputation and track record of recovering maximum insurance payout is how I became Georgia’s preferred independent public adjuster and disaster recovery representative.

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We are Atlanta's Top Rated Public Adjusters

There's a reason Public Adjuster Elvis is rated so high in Georgia. We used to work for the insurance companies (the same one's that will be paying and settling your claims). This insider knowledge makes us powerful experts.

We know EXACTLY what insurance companies are looking for, the clauses of your insurance policy, and ensure you are treated fairly during the claim settlement. Public Adjuster Elvis will represent, protect, and maximize your settlement so you can restore your property quickly and efficiently.

Unrivaled Experience

Our team has settled claims all throughout Georgia. Our industry knowledge and extensive credentials gives us Unrivaled Experience.

Fierce Negotiation

Experience, Extensive Documentation, and Strategy give us the upper hand when we fight for you. We are Fierce Negotiators.

Expert Strategy

We developed our Expet Strategy to settle your claim faster and maximise your payout. You only have one chance to act strategically.

Maximum Settlements

Don't settle for less than your fully deserved insurance payout. It's easy to overlook expenses, we make sure that doesn't happen.

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Client Success Stories

Unrivaled Experience | Expert Strategy | Fierce Negotiation | Maximum Settlements
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